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This consortium of countries was brought together based on their knowledge of varying situations regarding discrimination in the labour market. These associated nations (France, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and Switzerland) have all transposed the European Union (EU) directive concerning the fight against discrimination of 2001. However, the progress and method of application differ depending on the country and its respective situation concerning its labour market and its history of immigration.

The partners were also chosen based on the complementary nature of their respective expertise: knowledge of job markets and the fight against discrimination (Enda Europe, CII, IECOB) and knowledge of best practices for education and life-long learning programmes (iriv, Ecap, Bildungsmarkt e.V).

  1. Enda Europe, has worked to fight discrimination in the French labour market since 2006, and has been part of numerous European programmes concerning migration and social development.

  2. Iriv, since 2003, has worked on projects regarding migration. Notably in Europe, Iriv has worked on Mem-VO1 (2003) and Involve (2005-2005) which used volunteering to better integrate migrants into the community; TIPS (2005-2007) which concerned the creation and education of intercultural mediators; and Migrapass (2010-2012), a programme which provides migrants with portfolio help and a companion system.

  3. IECOB works on professionally integrating migrants, notably of Ex-Yugoslavian descent, into nations of the European Union.

  4. CII is a Bulgarian association whose works concerns the process of immigration, immigrants in Bulgaria, and Bulgarian emigrants in other countries of the EU.

  5. The ECAP foundation works with labour unions who employ a migrant labour force, particularly in the sectors of sanitation and construction. They offer education programmes for migrant women and for workers with little professional backgrounds.

  6. Bildungsmarkt e.V has conceived an original approach based on social entrepreneurship that uses the input of the inhabitants themselves in the creation of their own training programme.

Enda has participated in a national seminar for the restitution of project results of Migrapass organised by Autremonde and iriv (2012). CII and IECOB have worked together as part of an exchange between Italy and Bulgaria, and through the network created by IECOB. ECAP and Bildungsmarkt e.V have already worked together for projects under Leonardo.

Lifelong Learning Programme

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