Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

The European Di&Di project was collaborative effort between six partners to tackle the issues of discrimination through the value of diversity. Within the Lifelong Learning framework, it is essential to share the lessons learnt and successes of the project so that professionals, trainers and job seeking migrants can continue to learn and build from the Di&Di experiences, understanding the process and adapting the prototypes themselves.

With this in mind, each of the partners published about the DI&DI project on an individual and national level. The articles and reports can be found below:


"Lutter contre les Discriminations en Europe: Di&Di: un projet européen pour lutter contre les discriminations et promouvoir la diversité sur le marché du travail",
Published by Enda Europe & Iriv Conseil in Savoir et Formation.

"Enhancing the diversity approach among migrant learners & tutors to struggle against discrimination in the labour market in Europe",
Published by Iriv Conseil in EAPRIL.


"From Discrimination to Valuation of Diversity: Formative Challenges for an Inclusive Labor Market"
Published by ECAP on Research Gate portal. Read.


"Di&Di: Report on Training Course"
Written by IECOB to be published shortly on the PECOB portal. Download.

"Di&Di: Report on Mentoring Course" Written by IECOB to be published shortly on the PECOB portal. Download.


"Интеграция на нискоквалифицирани жени и Висококвалифицирани младежи мигранти на пазара на труда: предизвикателства, перспективи, възможности
Written by the Center for Immigration and Integration and soon to be published in both the Human Resources Journal and the Capital Careers Journal. Download"


"Diskriminierung – ein Thema bei der Vermittlung in Arbeit?"
Written by Bildungsmarkt ev. and published on bika-mitte portal. Download.


The six partners of the Di&Di project selected a list of documentary sources and readings on anti-discrimination and diversity promotion in the labour market, in Europe and in each of the Di&Di countries.

You can download it here: di&di bibliography


Politics of Immigration



The "Observatoire des Inégalités" published in 2014 a study on difficulties faced by immigrants to access the labor market in France. This study shows that discriminations are a real obstacle for migrants' professional inclusion, but not the only one: lack of professional network and nationality conditions to access 1/5 of the available jobs ("legal discrimination") are the two other main sources of difficulties for non-nationals.

The article is available here (French only) http://www.inegalites.fr/spip.php?page=article&id_article=1942&id_groupe=17&id_mot=112&id_rubrique=97

This study has been discussed with French tutors during the mentoring sessions in France.


Nuvola apps bookcase simplifiedThe report on the « Intergration Policy Overhaul » written by Thierry Tuot was submitted to the Prime Minister in February 2014.

At the center of concern is the fight against discrimination in reference to the European legislative framework.

To read the report :



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