Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

The six European partners of the Di&Di project have met in Sofia on 17th and 18th June. Hosted by the Centre for Immigration and Integration, the Bulgarian partner of the project, this 4th European meeting offered the opportunity for exchanging on the results of the experimentation and planning the last phase of the Di&Di. The first day was dedicated to a cross-analysis of mentoring and training experimentation in each country, through a common analytical frame developed by the German partner, Bildungsmarkt, which is specifically charged of evaluation processes and methods throughout the project. The second day was focused on the final phase of the project: the partners have worked on the matter of sustainability, starting from the results of the experimentation. They also have defined their priorities and work schedule for the last activities of the project: national reports, Di&Di’s final publication and the final European meeting in Zurich, scheduled for 22nd and 23rd October 2015.

IMG 0423Work session on the experimentation outcomes

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