Enhancing Diversity and fighting against Discrimination

The 30th of November 2015 marked the end of the Di&Di project, supported by the Leonardo/Transfer of Innovation programme of the European Union.

The Di&Di project was designed in 2013 by six partners, in five European countries: Enda Europe and Iriv Conseil in France, IECOB in Italy, ECAP in Switzerland, Centre for Immigration and Integration in Bulgaria and Bildungsmarkt in Germany. The aim was to develop a strategy to support the inclusion of migrant jobseekers in the labour market, by combining the fight against discrimination and the valuation of diversity. The training programme implemented during the project was focused on low-qualified female migrants and qualified young migrants, who are, according to Eurostat data, more vulnerable to unemployment, precariousness and discrimination in all the European countries.

The Di&Di project achieved its objectives as the partners developed and adapted a training programme to support low-qualified female migrants and young graduate migrants to identify and deal with situations of discrimination and to overcome labour market obstacles through the valorisation of their competences. The project also developed and adapted a mentoring programme for professionals, working in the employment sector or with migrants, to enhance their capabilities to fight against discrimination for the professional insertion of migrants. Based on these programmes, the partners developed a flexible and a useable training prototype and mentoring prototype that can be replicated elsewhere to continue the important work of integrating migrants into the EU labour market.
These programmes were inspired by lessons learnt from the innovative Migrapass and Diversité+ projects. The transnational cooperation of the Di&Di project brought many advantages as the diversity of backgrounds, profiles, competences and training of the different partners provided an insightful complementarity to the project. The determination of all to achieve common goals and objectives within different contexts and cultures, encouraged open-mindedness, new perspectives and approaches which enriched the project, its reach and impact. The detailed methodology, results and overall conclusions are described in the final publication, available in all five partner languages. The individual partners also disseminated the results of this collaborative effort through national publications. The Di&Di project not only built long-lasting networks but distributed its results widely throughout the process, using newsletters, to exchange and identify ways of perpetuating the initiative. The project inscribes itself in the Lifelong Learning approach, enabling an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and learning, which are essential for enhancing social inclusion and self-sustainability.

More resources and the national weblogs can be found here.

Lifelong Learning Programme

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